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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Zarapxana - Finest Georgian Jewelry

Georgia is and historically has always been famous for its gold culture. 

Even today, museums keep enormous quantity of pieces of art, made by finest gold and precious stones centuries ago.

Jewelry manufacturing company “Zarapxana” is a company, which builds its experience on the basis of traditions and combines them with modern knowledge.

History of this company goes back to the pre-WWII period when several relatively small goldsmith guilds were established on Leselidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia. Later they were transformed into a “Tbilisi Jewelry plant” (former name of the company), which was always among the top five gold processing plants in the former USSR.

At the beginning of 2006 the company was privatized and since that time new era started in its life. “Zarapxana” has reestablished number one position on Georgian Jewelry Market, by setting its individual style and client-oriented approach. Today “Zarapxana” represents the place where best ever jewelry makers in Georgia are gathered transforming their knowledge and experience to new generations. 

See More at:   http://zarapxana.ge/

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